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AC Synchronous Motor #4208

  • Model : #4208
  • Wiring color:Electric Actuator Manufacturer CCTV Surveillance Equipment Supplier Black (power) / Brown, Purple (split phase color wire)
  • Suitable industry: High-torque cold humid environment industries
  • AC Voltage : 110V , 220V
  • Temperature rise: 55°C
  • Speed: RPM 1~ RPM 200
  • Rotation:CW/CCW, commutation rotation, one-way rotation
  • Rated frequency: 60/50Hz
  • Output shaft (mm)14 × 9   216 × 11  3 20 × 15  4 22 × 10  5 25 × 13
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Country of manufacture:Taiwan

Payment Terms:

F.O.B Taiwan; By L/C or T/T

Shipping Terms:

By air or sea,DHL,UPS,FedEx....(Optional)


CE, RoHS certifications for motor.


5 years warranty: limited to indirect transmission usage under normal industrial environment covering everything except wear.

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Model #6007 #4807 #4208 #9015
Wiring color Black ,Green, Yellow Black ,Orange,Blue Black ,Brown, Purple White,Orange, Blue
Suitable industry Long-term continuous operating industries House appliance automation industries High-torque cold humid environment industries Industries with safety restrictions, inflammable oil pipes, etc.
AC Voltage 110V, 220V 110V, 220V 110V, 220V 24V
Temperature rise 45°C 50°C 55°C 55°C
Capacitor values 450V (0.22~0.27μ) 450V (0.43~0.47μ) 450V (0.59~0.62μ) 100V (9~10μ)
Frequency 60 / 50Hz
Rotation CW / CCW / Commutation rotation / One-way rotation
Output Power 3-5W
Speed 1RPM ~200RPM
Certification CE, RoHS
Voltage tolerance test 2500V/sec
Shaft (mm) 1A 14 × B 9   2A 16 × B 11   3A 20 × B 15   4A 22 × B 10     5A 25 ×B 13
Motor case (cm) 30(L) X 21(W) X 21(H)
Weight 0.258 Kg
N.W / G.W of package 15.6 Kg /16 Kg
Packaging 60 pieces / package
Country of manufacture TAIWAN
Warranty Five-year

#4208 Brake Torque:

Model #4208 is suitable for high-torque intermittent industrial operations and the bearing force is 1/3 that of the brake torque.

RPM 110V / 220V Wiring color Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer Video Game Controller Supplier
60Hz 50Hz Brake Torque
Power supply Split phase color wire
( CW/CCW )
4 3.33 32.3 Black Brown , Purple
6 5 27.4
10 8.33 18.1
15 12.5 18.5
20 16.6 14.6
30 25 13.95
60 50 11.56
100 83.3 6.63
150 125 3.5
200 166 2.93

Output shaft specification (medium-carbon steel grinding tolerance 0.01)

Unit: mm

Gear Box Video Game Controller Manufacturer
CCTV Scanner Motor Supplier Auto Motor Manufacturer
Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer Electric Actuator Manufacturer

AC Synchronous motor and capacitor configuration

  • 110V and 24V only differs by a split phase capacitor, with the same wiring and different capacitance.
  • 110V and 220V may share motors, where 110V only uses one split phase capacitor.
  • 220V uses the same split phase capacitor with an additional regulator capacitor connected in series with the 220V power supply (i.e., 2 capacitors).

CHANG AN Motor capacitor configuration

CHANG AN Motor capacitor configuration


Twice the torque of model #6007; generates high torque with high temperature rise and high current, used in high-torque intermittent industrial operations such as gaming industry, electric valves, and voltage regulators.


  • Coil: uses German ELEKTRISOLA enamel wire of which finished products complies with voltage tolerance 2500V/sec by highest standard CE.
  • Magnet: high-precision magnets from Japan with anti-aging and high-temperature resistance treatment to keep the magnet materials stable at least 10 years and magnetic force semi-permanent.
  • Gear: carbon steel, weight iron, and high-tension resistance copper among the materials are imported from Japan.
  • Gear teeth: non-regular copper with expansion elasticity imported from Japan.
  • Step pulley: step pulleys knurling inside assembly, non-close-fit machines press, automated entity tolerance 0.01mm, product defect rate below 0.5‰.
  • Graphite oil: BBI dark thick liquid oil; wearable, pressure resistant, high-temperature resistant. When dried, becomes graphite powder lubricant and does not require oil moisture.


  • CHANG AN synchronous motors may be programmed to automatic forward/backward rotation, commutation rotation, one way rotation, and also step rotation; does not rotate backwards due to resistance.
  • Motor characteristics: accurate speed, high torque, safe, robust, durable, low power consumption, induced electricity, no noise.
  • High accuracy in reaching starting speed; no skidding at magnetic brake stop; does not rotate backwards due to resistance.
  • Rated frequency determines speed and thus speed is not affected by voltage; forward/backward rotation as sharp as servomotors.
  • Low current consumption and magnetic induction electricity generation; does not require transformer or rectifier by principle.

Advantages of CHANG AN AC synchronous motors:

  • Robust and durable: all use steel gear; step pulleys knurling inside of inner and outer holes assembly; robust and durable.
  • High torque: motors with two coils have four times the torque of single coil motors.
  • Superior functions: forward/backward rotation, one way rotation, and commutation rotation, may all be programmed; sharp switching of forward/backward rotation.
  • High accuracy in reaching starting speed; no skidding at magnetic brake stop; does not rotate backwards due to resistance.
  • CHANG AN synchronous motors are controlled by frequency and thus speed is not affected by voltage; same as servomotors but cheaper.
  • Safe: motor is not damaged if stuck and stopped during power on.
  • Damage test: tolerance 150kg in steel rod test.
  • Voltage tolerance: products pass voltage tolerance tests of 2500V/sec by CE standards.
  • Long lifespan: synchronous motors have no carbon brushes, do not wear or stop, and do not have carbon brush life limits like DC motors.


Notes for motor installation:

  1. Use indirect transmission for the motors that provides the benefits of A. high torque B. low noise C. low wear D. long lifespan.
  2. Model #4208 is suitable for high-torque intermittent industrial operations; the bearing force is 1/3 that of the brake torque;


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