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CHANG AN AC Synchronous Motor & CCTV Pan/Tilt scanner

Synchronous motors were developed by Hsing-Chin Chang in 1974, and have applied for various certifications and patents including CE, UL, RoHS, FCC, JP patent number 1427325, TW patent number 193111, and CN patent certificate number 433019. Uses automated entity from Japan with tolerance 0.01mm and product defect rate is below 0.5‰. Quality worldwide harmless enterprising.

AC Synchronous Motor

Every country in the world with electricity requires regulators to control automated machines to operate normally, and 90% of Taiwan's regulator industries uses synchronous motors made by CHANG AN; the export sales have also prospered through time, and the use of synchronous motors made by CHANG AN is a successful example of Taiwan's automation industry. At present, there are CHANG AN motors for automation control industries in every corner of the world. Chang An motor the speed is determined by HZ, automatic forward/backward rotation, commutation rotation, one way rotation, step rotation may all be programmed to operate; high accuracy in reaching starting speed; no skidding at magnetic brake stop; does not rotate backwards due to resistance; high accuracy due to phase electronics control, which benefits the automation control industries. From machining components, jig tests, to molding machine production, CHANG AN uses automated entities with tolerance of 0.01mm and product defect rate is below 0.5‰. "Quality worldwide harmless enterprising"

CCTV Pan/Tilt scanner

CHANG AN scanners are world's top products from the motors to transmission structures. The main body structure is integrally formed by plastic injection embedded with copper and tapping, and the main body comprises two sets of needle roller bearings, ball bearings, and counterweight sleeves control structure to prevent dislocation, wear, and deformation. The design completely focuses on structure and durability. Rotating products have lots of problems, and we specialize in scanner characteristics; the adapted transmission structure, main body materials, and industrial technology render the controlled operation unbreakable for years. Such is our quality requirement for products, and also the customers' base of trust in products.

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