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About Chang An

Mr. Hsing-Chin Chang, Chairman of CHANG AN
The official website of CHANG AN provides multi-language motor automation industrial technology information for more than 70 countries, including traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.. Such technology information may lead to "local language to factory."

The company was founded in1974 and for almost 40 years to present day. The founder was born in 1936 for the true, good, and beautiful path toward one's life. Inspired by the uniqueness of Earth, and in view of the establishment of Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Europe, responsibility for human civilization must be taken. Therefore, contribution to save all beings in the world is a responsibility that must be taken by an entrepreneur, and ending the production of useless products is the responsibility that must be taken by all humanity. "Quality worldwide harmless enterprising".

Power industrial structure: I have gone through decades under the saying, "rotating products have lots of problems," and today it has been accomplished that there are CHANG AN synchronous motors in every corner of every country with electricity in the world. With more than forty years of motor manufacture experience, it is understood what structure, material, and technology may render durable operation, and every motor has an average lifespan above ten years (excluding wearing). Since it is not a DC motor and has no carbon brushes, the electricity is generated by semi-permanent magnetic induction. It has forward/backward and stepping rotation and the speed is determined by rated frequencies. It has fast and sharp forward/backward control, the torque is low at high voltages, and it has the benefits of servomotors in addition to rated frequency.

World's first four ISO 9001 certified quality policies

Suspicions may occur when encountering a product with unknown quality: are there any deceptions? Is it overpriced? Is it durable? Is it reliable? Is the quality and price reasonable? Where is the credible data? These are why CHANG AN provides four guarantees of quality and price for the industry to evaluate that "there are no guarantees for successful businesses, but there are for products."

  1. 30 days payment term after shipment":pay after confirming the best quality in the world (quality is to guarantee investment safety, not to provide funds).
  2. "Reward if damageable":5 years warranty; limited to indirect transmission usage under normal industrial environment (covering everything except wearing).
  3. "Refund for overpricing": with the submission of actual documents, for identical motor materials and quality, the last shipment of newly delivered products may be refunded (limited to price comparison with same trade).
  4. "Acceptance trails":safety guarantee by using 220V voltage for 110V spec for 60 minutes or stop during power on and reward if damageable (highest quality of ISO).

The present IP is granted TW patent number 193111, CN patent certificate number 433019, and JP patent number 14276325. With such dedication, CHANG AN shall continue investing in Taiwan and pass on the technology to sustain on this land, avoid industry offshoring, and live up to the Taiwan spirit of honesty, integrity, and modesty. Safety certifications are different from patents. RoHS complied CE

Chang An Motor

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