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HT-81MC Indoor pan/tilt

CCTV Indoor Pan/Tilt Scanner HT-81 MC

  • Model:HT-81MC
  • Operating environment:Indoors
  • AC Voltage:24V, 110V ,220V
  • Rotation:Pan travel: 350°; Tilt travel: 30°~ 60°
  • Rotation control: Pan: continuous; Tilt: intermittent
  • Maximum load:Tilt: 15Kgs
  • Motor torque: Pan: 40Kgf-cm
  • Power consumption:Pan: 2W ; Tilt: 4W
  • Pan speed: 6° / second (60Hz); 5° / second (50Hz)
  • Tilt speed: 3.6° / second (60Hz); 3° / second (50Hz)
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Country of manufacture:Taiwan

Payment Terms:

F.O.B Taiwan; By L/C or T/T

Shipping Terms:

By air or sea,DHL,UPS,FedEx....(Optional)




2 years warranty: limited to indirect transmission usage under normal industrial environment covering everything except wear.

  • Specification
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  • Technology
Model HT-81MC
Power supply a. AC 24V±5% ( 60 / 50Hz )    b. AC 110V±10% ( 60 / 50Hz )    c. AC 220V±10% ( 60 / 50 Hz )
Motor torque Pan: 40Kgs; Tilt:80Kgs
Pan speed 6° / sec (60Hz) ; 5° / sec (50Hz)
Tilt speed 3.6° / sec (60Hz) ; 3° / sec (50Hz)
Operating humidity Relative humidity 35% ~ 95%
Power consumption Pan:2W ; Tilt: 4W
Rotation Pan travel: 350° ; Tilt travel: 30°~ 60°
Rotation control Pan: continuous ; Tilt: intermittent
Operating environment Indoors
Operating temperature - 5°C ~ 65°C
Maximum load Pan;30Kgs ; Tilt: 25Kgs
Dimensions / weight 173mm (W)×126 (L)mm×201 (H)mm / 2.65kgs
Scanner case 230mm (L)×185mm (W)×110mm (H)
Packaging 8 pieces/package
N.W / G.W of package 21.2 kgs / 23.7 kgs
Dimensions of packaging 50cm (L)×38cm (W)×26cm (H)
Certification CE, RoHS
Country of manufacture Taiwan
Warranty 2 years

HT-81 MC Indoor Pan/Tilt Scanner uses CHANG AN synchronous motor model #4208 which has three times the torque and current of #6007. #4208 has torque of 75-kgf-cm with 1RPM, and may be completely controlled at the 45° angle without sagging. Images are steady and noiseless.

Patents granted worldwide for the structure and durable design

CHANG AN scanners are designed with patented structures and durability designs from the motors to transmission structures. The main body comprises two sets of needle roller bearings, ball bearings, and counterweight sleeves control structure, and up to 90% of wear may be reduced and lifespan may be extended. The main body structure is integrally formed by plastic injection embedded with copper and tapping, and prevents dislocation, wear, and deformation.


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