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CHANG AN motors quality guarantees

  1. "30 days payment term after shipment": pay after confirming the best quality in the world (quality is to guarantee investment safety, not to provide funds)

    CHANG AN synchronous motors produces smart motors for the automation industry based on safety, durability, and practicality, and not conventional motors. CHANG AN synchronous motors uses high-cost German ELEKTRISOLA enamel wire. Steel gears are all from precision-machined carbon steel, and step pulleys knurling inside assembly withstands 150Kg by non-close-fit machines press. High-precision magnets from Japan with anti-aging and high-temperature resistance treatment to keep the magnet materials stable for 10 years and magnetic force semi-permanent.

  2. "Reward if damageable": five-year warranty; limited to indirect transmission usage under normal industrial environment.

    Motors are not supposed to break during warranty, and maintenance brings damage to customers. CHANG AN synchronous motors guarantees a five-year warranty, and are not easily damaged for a 10-year lifespan except for wear. The products are manufactured and assembled with safe materials and low-price second-class materials are never used. Complies with voltage tolerance tests of 2500V/sec by CE standards for safety. Under indirect transmission usage of motors under normal industrial environments, the gears pass damage test tolerance 150kgs with no cracks or skidding and are robust and durable.

  3. "Refund for overpricing": with the submission of actual documents, for identical motor materials and quality, the last shipment of newly delivered products may be refunded (limited to price comparison with same trade).

    CHANG AN upholds the principle of manufacture by high quality and in conformation to needs of automation industry intelligently. High-quality motors are based on specialized manufacture technology and materials; not only do we provide high quality for customers, but low-price second-class materials are also never used; maintenance brings customers no protection but only damage. Therefore, our customers may acquire motors with high quality and reasonable prices when purchasing. Reasonable pricing protects customers' rights. A. Materials B. Components C. Semi-products D. Machining precision, shipping checklists, and samples may be provided before ordering for pricing examination, and the price is guaranteed lower than China for identical materials and quality.

  4. "Acceptance trails": safety guarantee by using 220V voltage for 110V spec for 60 minutes or stop during power on and reward if damageable (highest quality of ISO).

    The enamel wire is the most critical part of the motor and is involved with safety; CHANG AN uses German ELEKTRISOLA enamel wire and products pass voltage tolerance tests of 2500V/sec by CE standards. Common motors only pass voltage tolerance tests of 1500V/sec and not necessarily meet safety requirements, and therefore CHANG AN products may be used under 220V voltage for 110V spec for 60 minutes without needing to switch voltage.

  5. Voltage tolerance test: may provide substitution high voltage tolerance safety testing for companies without voltage tolerance equipment.

    CHANG AN synchronous motors use 220V voltage for 110V spec for 30 minutes or stop during power on to carry out substitution high voltage tolerance safety testing (safety guarantee for 60 minutes).

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