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Specification and characteristics

Wiring color Black Green, Yellow Black Orange, Blue Black Brown, Purple White Orange, Bblue
Model number #6007 #4807 #4208 #9015
Suitable industry Long-term continuous operating industries House appliance automation industries High-torque cold humid environment industries Industries with safety restrictions, inflammable oil pipes, etc.
Voltage 110V , 220V 110V , 220V 110V , 220V 24V
Temperature rise 45°C 50°C 55°C 55°C
Characteristics Operate under low temperature rise, low current, low pulse number, and low wear to extent service life. E.g., rotating monitor scanner. Indirect transmission may reduce wearing. The function of model #4807 is in between #4208 and #6007 and has the broadest applications. Twice the torque of model #6007; generates high torque with high temperature rise and high current, used in high-torque intermittent industrial operations such as gaming industry, electric valves, and voltage regulators. Same function as #4807 with different voltage. Exemption from safety certification tests for 24V voltage. Safer than DC.
  1. Speed determined by rated frequencies 60/50Hz (frequency controls the speed)
  2. Voltage determines motor torque, and speed determined by frequency (different from electric fans)
  3. Phase electronics control: CW/CCW, one way rotation, commutation rotation, or step rotation may all be programed to operate; does not rotate backwards due to resistance
  4. Magnetic induction electricity generation: phase electronics control; sharp switching of forward/backward rotation; high accuracy in reaching starting speed; no skidding at magnetic brake stop. Have benefits of servomotors in addition to rated frequency.
Materials Gear: uses steel step pulleys; precision machining for knurling inside of inner and outer holes; gear damage test tolerance 150kg with no cracks or skidding.
Magnet: High-precision magnets from Japan with anti-aging and high-temperature resistance treatment to keep the magnet materials stable and magnetic force semi-permanent.
Coils: uses the world's best German ELEKTRISOLA enamel wire, of which finished products have voltage tolerance 2500V/sec by CE standards. Using 220V voltage for 110V spec for 60 minutes or stop during power on and reward if damageable ( Quality of ISO).
Voltage 110V、220V 110V、220V 110V、220V 24V
Speed RPM 1~ RPM200

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