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Pros and Cons comparison of CHANG AN AC synchronous motors with DC motors

Function characteristics CHANG AN AC synchronous motor DC Motor
Control scheme/effect of speed and torque CW/CCW, commutation rotation, one-way rotation (also step rotation; does not rotate backwards due to resistance CW/CCW, commutation rotation, one-way rotation (also step rotation; does not rotate backwards due to resistance
Speed variation A. Rated frequency determines speed and thus speed is not affected by voltage.
B. Voltage determines torque.
C. No damage if motor stops during power on.
Speed determined by voltage and unstable; drifts easily like electric fans; fast at 1st gear and slow at 2nd gear.
Speed Low start speed (16P 450RPM) reduced by gears to 1RPM~200RPM.
High start speed about 3600RPM and requires multiple gears to reduce speed; Poor efficiency, large noise, failures often.
Torque High start torque (before gears) 1RPM: 85kg, 200RPM: 2.2kg. Low start torque (before gears).
Current consumption/ transformer/rectifier Low current consumption and magnetic induction electricity generation; does not require transformer or rectifier. High current consumption and requires transformers and rectifiers.
Brake High accuracy in reaching starting speed; no skidding at magnetic brake stop. Speed increases from low to high as like acceleration in automobiles and brakes skid easily.
Structure Uses steel step pulleys; precision machining for knurling inside of inner and outer holes; gear damage test tolerance 150kg with no cracks or skidding (knurling inside assembly). Carbon brushes wear easily and are not durable.
Safety No rotation during power on and does not damage or affect circuit safety. Uses the world's best German ELEKTRISOLA enamel wires that have voltage tolerance 2500V/sec by CE standards. Damaged if stuck and rotation is stopped during power on.
Lifespan Long lifespan (10 years for normal operation without load); semi-permanent due to brushless design principles. Short lifespan (only 1 year for normal operation without load due to worn carbon brushes)
* Synchronous motors have small volumes, low prices, accurate speeds, robustness, and noiselessness, and are most suitable for low speed transmission motors.

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