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Technical information of automation motors such as gaming industry, voltage regulator industries, etc.

Ⅰ.Motor characteristics: #4807, #4208

The motors are designed for automation industries with fast switching and accurate speed; high-tech permanent magnets from Japan; sharp switching between forward and backward rotation; reaches starting speed after start (unlike DC motors starting from slow to fast); speed controlled by frequency and thus has superior properties like servomotors; forward/backward rotation and one way rotation may all be programmed (unlike DC autotransformers which has one backward rotation for each forward rotation and unable to have continuous step rotation). Gear knurling inside assembly damage test tolerance 150kg; German ELEKTRISOLA enamel wire and products pass voltage tolerance tests of 2500V/sec by CE standards; temperature resistant at 180°C and no skidding, high torque, small volume, robust and durable, and no noise, which is the most advanced and economic motor for automation industry.

Ⅱ.Functions provided by motor:

  • An advanced synchronous motor has characteristics superior to DC motors.
  • Speed: RPM 1~ RPM 200.
  • High accuracy in reaching starting speed; no skidding at magnetic brake stop; does not rotate backwards due to resistance.
  • Reaches starting speed after start (instead of starting from slow to fast).
  • Accurate speed: frequency controls motor and thus speed is not affected by voltage; software may be built in.
  • Forward/backward rotation and one way rotation may all be programmed (unlike DC autotransformers which are unable to have continuous step rotation).
  • High torque: motors with two coils have four times the torque of single coil motors.
  • All uses steel gear (not plastic or sintering products); robust and durable; step pulleys knurling inside of inner and outer holes assembly by non-close-fit machines press.
  • Insulation grade: voltage tolerance tests of 2500V/sec by CE standards.
  • Safe: motor is not damaged if stuck and stopped during power on; gears pass damage test with tolerance of 150kg.
  • Lifespan: long lifespan without carbon brushes.
  • Manufacture equipment: world class equipment; jig tests by automated entities (with tolerance of 0.01mm) before entering mold machining.

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