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Scanner specialized motor technical information

Ⅰ.Motor characteristics: #6007, #4208

Motor #6007 is specially designed for horizontal rotating monitor scanners, and is suitable for long-term continuous operation; the low temperature rise, low noise, low current, and high pole number magnetic induction electricity allow it to operate under low current and extend its lifespan.

Motor #4208 is specially designed for vertical rotating monitor scanners, has three times the torque and current of #6007 and high pole number magnetic induction, and may be completely controlled at the default angle without sagging; the special design for full-range scanners is rarely seen at any other specialized motor manufacturers in the world to work with this industry.

Ⅱ.Functions provided by motor:

  • An advanced synchronous motor has characteristics superior to DC motors.
  • Speed: RPM 1~ RPM 200.
  • High accuracy in reaching starting speed; no skidding at magnetic brake stop; does not rotate backwards due to resistance.
  • Reaches starting speed after start (instead of starting from slow to fast).
  • Accurate speed: frequency controls motor and thus speed is not affected by voltage; software may be built in.
  • Forward/backward rotation and one way rotation may all be programmed (unlike DC autotransformers which are unable to have continuous step rotation).
  • High torque: motors with two coils have four times the torque of single coil motors.
  • All uses steel gear (not plastic or sintering products); robust and durable; step pulleys knurling inside of inner and outer holes assembly by non-close-fit machines press.
  • Insulation grade: voltage tolerance tests of 2500V/sec by CE standards.
  • Safe: motor is not damaged if stuck and stopped during power on; gears pass damage test with tolerance of 150kg.
  • Lifespan: long lifespan without carbon brushes.
  • Manufacture equipment: world class equipment; jig tests by automated entities (with tolerance of 0.01mm) before entering mold machining.


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