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CCTV Scanner – safe materials used

CHANG AN scanners are world's top products from the motors to transmission structures. The main body structure is integrally formed by plastic injection embedded with copper and tapping, and the main body comprises two sets of needle roller bearings, ball bearings, and counterweight sleeves control structure to prevent dislocation, wear, and deformation. The design completely focuses on structure and durability. The structure has been grants patents such as TW patent 128055 and CN patent 96249153-5.

Rotating products have lots of problems, and we specialize in scanner characteristics; the adapted transmission structure, main body materials, and industrial technology render the controlled operation unbreakable for years. Pan/Tilt scanners operate throughout the year, and therefore we use motor #6007 with low voltage, low temperature rise, low noise, and low wear to extend the lifespan. For full-range scanners, vertical tilting is required in addition to horizontal rotating, and we use motor #4208 which has three times the torque and current of motor #6007 and has torque of 80-kgf-cm with 1RPM, and may be completely controlled at the 45° angle without sagging. Such specialized motors are rare in the industry.

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